Wilson Elser is recognized as one of the nation’s most influential law firms, with nearly 800 attorneys located in both the U.S. and the U.K. Their experience as insurance claims administrators and adjudicators – especially for London-placed business – makes them ideal strategic partners for the CHART Exchange. In 2015, Wilson Elser announced their intention to be a key strategic partner of the CHART Exchange. The firm has committed to make a financial investment in the organization. In addition, they will be an active participant in all CHART-sponsored events and maintain a presence on the Advisory Board.

Thomas Wilson Jr - Partner at Wilson Elser – had this to say about the CHART Exchange: “We believe there is still significant room for expansion within the U.S./London marketplace. CHART is the perfect vehicle for facilitating that growth. The organization brings together the innovative, forward-thinking underwriting philosophy of the world’s oldest insurance brand with the entrepreneurial mindset of U.S. agencies. The result will be electric”.

The partnership between Wilson Elser and CHART will provide significant benefits to the membership as well. Among the services available through the firm:

  1. Wilson Elser Consulting. This group offers a robust suite of non-legal business insurance services, including accomplished support for claims litigation management, legal spend management, legal operation management, and enterprise legal management. Their consultants draw on Wilson Elser’s reputation as one of the world’s preeminent insurance defense law firms and unrivalled knowledge of insurance industry standards, best practices, and management models.

    Insurance-specific business services include, but are not limited to:

  • Strategic & Operational Consulting

  • Rates Benchmarking

  • Software Applications

  • Legal Spend/Assessment Analysis

  • Legal Invoice Review

  • Document Management

  • Managed Services for e-Discovery

  1. Insurance Regulatory & Compliance. The firm’s Insurance Regulatory & Compliance practice encompasses all segments of the insurance industry globally. With more than three decades of related experience, their attorneys are well acquainted with the myriad regulations that govern the insurance industry and the policies and politics behind them. their practice attorneys offer comprehensive, purposeful and timely legal counsel to insureds, brokers and agents; reinsurance intermediaries; surplus line brokers; managing general agents; and insurers and reinsurers. Wilson Elser draws on the experience and nationwide resources of the entire firm and is in frequent contact with key state and federal insurance regulators.

  1. Insurance & Reinsurance Defense. Very little in today’s “flat,” hyper-connected world moves without some form of insurance. From a simple concept hatched at Lloyd’s Coffee House in 1690s London to possibly the most critical business on the planet, today’s defense of insurers and their insureds is no simple matter.

    For nearly 35 years Wilson Elser has been closely aligned with the insurance industry, influencing the way it does business, from the clarity of the language in its policies to the types of products it offers to its expansion into every industry. They have been in the business of helping public and private-sector clients identify and prevent exposures and, if they occur, capably managing reaction and recovery.

  1. Program Claims Management. For those who compete in the complex professional liability marketplace, having the right program management partner can be a key advantage. Yet many potential partners fall short of providing comprehensive services.

    Wilson Elser offers one of the industry’s most comprehensive program management services, with combined experience, depth and resources that cannot easily be matched. Program Management is a dedicated practice area within the firm comprising licensed attorneys who evaluate and investigate claims, offer opinions on coverage, issue coverage positions, retain and manage counsel for insureds, budget and manage litigation expenses, and make reserve recommendations. Their accomplished negotiating skills as attorneys provide leverage and enhance cost-effective resolution of claims

  1. The CHART Defender E&O. Wilson Elser and the CHART Exchange have teamed up to design an Errors & Omissions product specifically for insurance agents who place business with London markets. The true litmus test for any E&O product is how well it defends the policyholder in the event of a loss. Wilson Elser will serve as the claims administrator for this program; they will provide an advocacy defense for all insureds. More importantly, they will be available to discuss issues and situations before they become claims.