Web Community for U.S. Insurance Pros Who Want to Conduct Business with Lloyds of London

A core objective of the CHART Exchange is to serve as the catalyst for new business growth within the U.S./London marketplace. One of the ways this goal will be accomplished is through an initiative called CHART Markets. This web-based facility will operate as a virtual shopping mall, offering access to the products and services available from our members. This includes:

Coverholders seeking promotion of their programs
Preferred Vendor Partners who offer products and services to CHART members
Risk Takers looking to raise awareness about the availability of new products in collaboration with Coverholders).

Member participation in the CHART Mart website community is voluntary; an annual fee will be assessed to cover the costs of establishing and maintaining the site. Key features:

1 Customizable storefront. Each participant will have their own unique web-page. These sites will provide contact information, product/service highlights, and links to the member’s own website. Development of these unique pages will be done collaboratively between the member and CHART personnel.

2 Marketing to the U.S. Retail Agent Community
. A series of promotional initiatives will be conducted to drive traffic to the CHART Mart site. Various marketing techniques will be utilized, including media advertisements, broadcast e-mail, business-to-business telemarketing, and direct mail. These communications will be used to tout CHART Mart as an efficient means of accessing Lloyds products.

3 Sophisticated Search Engine. Agents seeking specific products or services will be directed to a unique search engine. After entering in a keyword (“Cyber”, “Marine” etc.), they will be provided with a list of members offering the requested coverage. Users will then be given the option to click on a link directing them to the appropriate web-page. Contact information (e-mail addresses) of every agent utilizing the CHART Mart search engine will be captured. The e-mails of those producers who visit a particular web-page will be forwarded to the appropriate member organization for their follow-up.

4 Member-Specific Marketing. CHART personnel will also assist in the development and implementation of advertising campaigns specific to individual members. Traffic will be driven directly to the member’s web-page. E-mail lists and activity monitoring reports/analytics (open rates, click-throughs, etc.) will be provided as well.

5 CHART Brokerage. We expect that some of the product or service requests received from the retail agent community will not fit the risk appetites of any member organizations. These outlier submissions will be directed to the CHART Brokerage unit for follow-up. To the extent possible, any placements made will be done using London markets.